VIDEO—Lunatic Car Thief and Heroic Bystander

car thief

I recently came across this video of an incident that went down in a parking lot. A female degenerate tried to steal a purse away from an elderly woman. When witnesses came to help, the malefactor jumped into the elderly lady’s vehicle and tried to drive away. This is where it gets wild. Breaking Down…

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Learning From the Darren Almendarez Murder

A husband, father, and off-duty deputy died last week when catalytic converter thieves killed him in a Houston, Texas, store parking lot. I present this tragic story consideration in deciding how, when and for what you are willing to die for. I’ll start by saying you’re likely to be angered by this post. Some of…

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Fact or Fiction – Are Concealed Carriers “Sheepdogs”?

The idea of being a sheepdog is a noble one. However, it’s fair to see if a misunderstanding of that term leads non-law enforcement officers into an improper mentality. Origin of the term “Sheepdog” — I don’t know when or why the term “sheepdog” became a popular conceal carrier descriptor. I suspect it is born…

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Must See – Gun Disarm Surveillance Video Reveals so Much

gun disarm, photo taken from video clip

This 48-second video clip teaches so many vital lessons about the reality of violence. The lessons are universal and apply to everyone, whether they carry a gun or not. So please consider sharing this post with others. I came across this video clip that shows a supposed off-duty New York Police Officer inside a gas…

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S4E14: Too Much Situational Awareness??

Riley Bowman and Jacob Paulsen discuss a recent article from Greg Ellifritz titled “Too Much Situational Awareness?” which is a great question that we should all ask ourselves: can we have too much situational awareness? How can we properly assess risk and apply ourselves appropriately to various situations we find ourselves in?

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