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Episode 105: Forced to Buy Gun Liability Insurance by the Government?

Our last news episode had a bunch of stories covering proposed pro-gun rights legislation. But this week we highlight a couple of laws that if passed would restrict gun rights . At least there’s some good news coming out of North Carolina. Also what NOT to do if you don’t want to lose your CCW […]

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Episode 71: What One Judge Did That’s Costing Him Dearly Now

Apparently Maine has residents interested in stopping gun control legislation than voting for the president, gun sales may be slipping now that Donald Trump is President-elect, and what one judge did with a gun that has him in hot water now. The guys discuss this plus FOUR amazing justified self-defense stories. Listen in now…

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nevada permit reciprocity

Nevada Drops 2 States and Adds 12 Others

Earlier this month the Nevada Governor signed into law SB175 which, in addition to other changes, removed the requirement for a state to have “similar training requirements” in order for Nevada to honor their permit. On June 18th Nevada published an updated list of the states whose permits it honors

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