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9mm Dummy Ammo Rounds

SHOP Talk: All About Dummy Rounds

In this latest episode of SHOP Talk, Riley goes into depth on the use of dummy rounds while going through your dry fire training, as well as a few different brands of these popular training tools. There are some essential skills when it comes to concealed carry, and one of the most important things you […]

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Shot Timer Survey Results

So, I guess the news is officially out, at least to some degree. The news? We’ll be releasing a shot timer that has the potential to shake up the timer industry. We recently had a survey put out to our audience to find out several different aspects about shot timer ownership, and be it far […]

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mini casino drill

Shooting the Mini Casino Drill

Shooting the Mini Casino Drill The Casino Drill is the brain child of instructor Tom Givens. It is a 21 round drill with a 21 second PAR that involves shooting 6 different targets in numerical order and two reloads. It is a solid drill, hitting several skill areas, and forcing the shooter to think about […]

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