Shooting the Mini Casino Drill

mini casino drill

Shooting the Mini Casino Drill The Casino Drill is the brain child of instructor Tom Givens. It is a 21 round drill with a 21 second PAR that involves shooting 6 different targets in numerical order and two reloads. It is a solid drill, hitting several skill areas, and forcing the shooter to think about…

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Review: Personal Defense Network’s One Handed Survival Shooting DVD

Review: PDN One Handed Survival Shooting While instructional DVD’s are not a suitable replacement for in person instruction, they do fill an important niche in the firearms training community serving as a method to transfer an introductory level of information at a comparatively low price. For those that have previous exposure to the material, they…

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How To Get A Proper Gun Grip To Increase Your Skill

proper gun grip

Proper Gun Grip How we grip the gun will determine a lot about how well we are able to shoot the gun. The better and sound our gripping technique, the faster we can run the gun while maintaining the level of accuracy the target demands. Below, we’ll explore one take on that technique, and…

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