S6E3: News & Reviews – ATF Rules on ‘Ghost Guns’

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster the latest industry news. We bring news stories about some new products coming to market, discuss some other relevant industry news including some new products from IWA 2022, we discuss some industry updates relevant to Ukraine, and we also provide our reviews on a couple of products! Tune in!

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Federal Judge – P320 Class Action Lawsuit Will Proceed

Sig Sauer p320

A federal judge decided not to dismiss a class-action lawsuit against P320 maker Sig Sauer and instead will move forward. This decision is a setback for Sig Sauer as they have been battling lawsuits shortly after the public discovered that the P320 pistol might not be drop safe. Early identification of a P320 drop-fire issue…

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1 For The Good Guys: Glock Wins Important PLCAA Court Case

In March of this year, a Federal Judge dismissed a liability suit against the well-known firearm manufacturer Glock. The ruling is good news for gun owners and manufacturers and a gut punch for the usual cast of gun-grabbers like President Biden. Recall the president’s April 8th, speech, in which he laid out his gun control…

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Lawsuit: Sig P365 vs Springfield Hellcat

sig p365 vs hellcat

Many folks who shoot guns argue over which guns are best for concealed carry. One such comparison is the Sig Sauer P365 vs. the Springfield Armory Hellcat. As far as that is concerned, I’ll hold my opinion for another time. That said, now attorneys will have to litigate a dispute between Springfield and Sig Sauer.…

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