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Episode 309: Tables Turned – Buel Collins of Fiocchi Interviews Riley!

Today, the tables are turned on Riley when Buel Collins, Marketing Director of Fiocchi Ammunition, asked if he could host the program and interview Riley! What ensued was sometimes hilarious and oftentimes…interesting…haha! The guys discuss competition shooting, defensive shooting, and what each camp can learn from the other. You’re not gonna want to miss this […]

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Carjacking Shooting

Can You Shoot a Carjacker?

You likely hear stories very often of citizens, under life-threatening circumstances, putting their lives on the to defend themselves or others from criminals who mean them harm. But are there times when defending yourself may cause harm than good?

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Episode 146: Weapon Striking & Failure Points – with Mike Seeklander

Riley sits down with and interviews Mike Seeklander, owner of, founder of the American Warrior Society and the American Warrior Society Podcast, former federal agent and instructor, Marine, and as seen on Outdoor Channel’s “The Best Defense”. We talk about a bunch of stuff–growing up in the backwoods, bear attacks, weapon striking, the failure […]

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