3 Cold Weather Considerations for Concealed Carry

Winter Concealed Carry Concerns

Cold weather can complicate how we carry our everyday carry (EDC) handguns. Over the years, I have used and heard of different strategies to counter cold weather’s effects on concealed carry. Here is what works best for me. You may have to limit live-fire training in cold weather — Some instructors hold outdoor shooting classes…

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3 Reasons I Prefer a Full Kydex Over a Hybrid Holster

People have a wide range of holster choices for their every day carry (EDC) concealed handgun. Over the years, I have used holsters of various styles and materials. In the end, I prefer a full Kydex holster. I’ll tell you why I believe a holster made completely of Kydex has performance and safety advantages over…

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What is Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Gun, and Why?

Tier One Type B

I’ll start by saying, I don’t actually care what gun you carry. I have no vested interest in Glock, SIG Sauer or Smith and Wesson selling guns. The point of this post is to get new and existing concealed carriers to think of why they carry the gun they carry, and in doing so…

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Shooter Ready Challenge, August 2022

shooting around cover

August 2022 Shooter Ready Challenge We’ve been publishing dry fire training and challenge videos since October 2019 to help the average gun carrier take their skills to the next level. This series of videos is called “Shooter Ready Challenge,” and it’s entirely free to watch and take advantage of. Each segment of the Shooter Ready…

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Texas now Honors Wisconsin Concealed Carry Permits

As we advise our readers, concealed carry license reciprocity agreements between states sometimes change. It is always best practice to check and see if the state you’re traveling to or through honors your permit before heading out. Just because they did last year doesn’t mean that reciprocity agreement hasn’t changed. Illustrating this point is a…

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