S9E10: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Naked Dudes and Grizzly Bears

Riley and Matthew the latest JUSTIFIED SAVES. Today we break down carjackings, attempted robberies, home invasions, and . Three instances of people using firearms to defend themselves against grizzly bear attacks. But we also talk about the 13-year-old boy that grabbed his mother’s gun out of her hands to shooting an actively breaking-in intruder when his mother seemed unable or unwilling to do so herself!

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VIDEO—Carjacking of Off-Duty Cop Leads to Shootout

first shots from chapman car jcaking video still

The number of car jackings has been rising steadily for several years. Suspects in carjackings often use firearms and physical force and intimidation to take the vehicle. Another disturbing trend is that the average carjacking suspect is barely a teenager. It seems we are paying the price for a culture of self-first, moral relativism that…

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S5E6: JUSTIFIED SAVES – Carjackings and Robberies on the Rise

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster the latest JUSTIFIED SAVES (Defensive Gun Uses) including the successes and the failures. Last month’s JUSTIFIED SAVES episode featured a number of carjacking stories, and this one is no different with a sprinkling of armed robberies sprinkled in. What are you doing to prepare yourself should such an event happen to you? Are you preparing yourself mentally and emotionally while also making sure you understand the law, so you don’t make a mistake??

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