Stop Using Your Car as a Holster: 6 reasons

car holster

I have seen and on ads promoting gun-retention “holster” products designed to mount directly to the dashboard of a car. I think these car holster products are dangerous, and overall poor choices for several practical and tactical reasons. As you can see in the photo, there are a few different products and methods…

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S2E10: Your Car is NOT a Holster…or a Safe

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss problems associated with using car holsters and/or storage solutions–safety issues, theft issues, circumstances involving children, and also potential problems with law enforcement interactions. Tune in!

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Two Places I Carry My Gun that Gets Me Strange Looks

Okay, let me say it early on, I don’t walk into a place and say that I’m carrying a gun. That would defeat the purpose of concealed carry and retaining my element of surprise against an attacker. Instead, this blog is about learning and teaching others, and a lot of the time I get odd…

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The Hidden Dangers of Removing Your Gun in the Car

If you’ve been reading our articles or listening to the podcast for any period of time now, you’ve likely heard at least one of us say that car holsters (and magnets) are generally a bad idea. In fact I’ll go out on a limb and take it a step further by saying you should just…

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Can You Shoot a Carjacker?

Carjacking Shooting

You likely hear stories very often of citizens, under life-threatening circumstances, putting their lives on the to defend themselves or others from criminals who mean them harm. But are there times when defending yourself may cause harm than good?

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