People are Panicking over “Fix NICS” but Should They?

Fix NICS Bill

As many of you know, has been covering the status of the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act with great interest. We believe that this bill has always been a fantastic advance for carriers around the country and still believe it will serve our flock well. HOWEVER, there has been a lot of panic over an attached bill to National Reciprocity called “Fix NICS”. But are these fears justified? We loed a little deeper at this legislation and what we found is a bit different than what many gun sites are saying.

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Episode 171: Texas Church Massacre

It is a solemn day in America. But heroes walk amongst us. And the fight for the Second Amendment is critical now than ever even as we see Republicans in the House considering removing the deregulation of suppressors from the SHARE Act and gun control is called for from the Michael Bloomberg gun control lobby. We cannot let our guard down!

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Episode 169: Good Guy With a Gun Stops Child Abduction

The former NPR Chief “comes out of the closet” on gun rights. The anti-gunners are dealt a blow in Illinois when a bumpfire stock and trigger modification bill failed to pass the House. Even a few anti-gun Democrats wouldn’t vote for it. Meanwhile Mayor Bloomberg’s Everytown is pouring millions into Virginia State elections. His efforts will likely fail as they have elsewhere. Plus DO NOT miss the story of a Las Vegas man that stopped the kidnapping of a 6-year-old boy because he made it a habit to always carry his gun on his person. It also was not hte first time he had to defend himself either. Riley and Jacob discuss at length, check it out!

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