Right to Know: What is a Pistol Brace?

pistol brace ban

Many people are wondering: What exactly is a pistol brace? The component attaches to the rear of a pistol and rests around the user’s forearm. Also called a stabilizing brace or arm brace, the device does just what its name suggests. It distributes the weight and adds another point of contact between the gun and the…

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Episode 289: How an AR Pistol Brace is REALLY Meant to be Used – Rick Cicero

While at SHOT Show 2019, Riley and Matthew had the opportunity to connect with Rick Cicero again to talk about the work his organization, Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA – www.honoredveterans.org), is doing. We get some updates as well on Rick since the last time we saw him about 9 months ago. He’s got a new arm and hand, and some legs! He also talks with us about the new arm brace that SIG Sauer developed together with his input which should be incredibly helpful to other shooters with physical disabilities. You’re gonna this interview!!

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Gun Review: Windham Weaponry RP11SFS-7 Pistol

ar pistol

There’s a lot of truth to the adage “I carry a pistol so I can have something to fight with until I can get to my rifle.” The superior ballistic performance of a rifle, including self-defense applications, is undeniable. But as the adage implies, rifles come with their own issue—they’re so darn big. Windham has…

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