Interstate Travel: Understanding Article 926A of FOPA

If you are traveling through states that otherwise don’t honor your permit(s) then you can either attempt to research and follow that state’s law relative to the transporting and vehicle possession of a firearm or you can just follow the requirements of 926A which you know protect you anywhere.

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Traveling With Your Gun: 3 Tools I Can’t Live Without

duty to inform / duty to notify

We are officially about to enter the most traveled time of the year with the biggest holidays right around the corner. At the end of this month we’ve got Thanksgiving which is the most traveled holiday of the year, next month we’ve got Christmas, followed by the New Year in January. We always recommend traveling…

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The Gun in the Glove Box

You know you need a place to lock up the gun in the car sometimes but is the g compartment or console the best place? Where should you lock up the gun in the truck or vehicle and why the g box.

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