The Sig Sauer P365 Handgun, Now in .380 ACP

Sig sauer concealed carry handgun

It was just a matter of time, and it finally happened. Finally, Finally, Sig Sauer formally released their popular P365 compact handgun in a .380 ACP version. It is no overstatement that the Sig P365 forever changed the concealed carry handgun industry. The P365 Sig provided concealed carriers with a slim, sub-compact 9mm handgun that…

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3 Reasons I don’t Like Backup Guns

Beretta Pico

If your state allows you to carry than one gun, you may have thought about carrying a second as a backup gun (BUG). After all, don’t cops carry backup guns? If they do it, they must have good reasons. Here is my advice on carrying a backup gun and why I think it has…

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For The New Gun Owner: 9mm VS .380 ACP

One of the most talked-about topics in the gun world is the never-ending caliber war. I usually try to avoid it if at all possible because it just causes arguments. Still, one of the most popular questions I hear revolves around caliber choice and “stopping power.” This time around, we discuss two of the …

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Episode 368: Is .380 Becoming Obsolete?

Today, Riley and Matthew discuss the question: is the .380 ACP becoming obsolete? In this day and age of micro-compact 9mm’s is there any good justification for a .380? We’ll also talk about handgun size, fit to hand, and other helpful topics for concealed carriers. Good questions prompting solid discussion today!

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Browning Black Label Medallion Pro: The Packable 1911 380

John Moses Browning famously crafted the handgun we know as the 1911. Did you know he’s also the mastermind of the cartridge most carried by civilians, if we consider carry as a global activity? That’s right, the .380 ACP is a Browning creation. But only recently have these products merged. The Browning Medallion Pro 1911…

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