How to Get the Best Price on The Guardian Conference

Feedback from attendees of our 3-day Guardian Conference showed it was an incredible success. The combination of many professional trainers and a fantastic facility resulted in growth for attendees of all skill levels and backgrounds. Here is some info on how you can attend and get the best possible price!

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What is The Guardian Conference—

The Guardian Conference is a three-day event that happens in the fall and brings together top firearm and legal instructors from across the country. This event is unique because of the variety of training offered. While shooting skills are important for the armed defender, so are de-escalation skills, unarmed combatives, trauma/first-aid and an understanding of self-defense legal principles. With multiple training blocks available, the attendee chooses which courses interest them the most.

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Pricing and How to Get the Best Deal—

Training with industry experts is not cheap, but a conference like this is the most cost effective way to train with different instructors. The standard price is $750 per person. But there are ways you can get in on this training event and save money.

Here is how.

The first way to save money is to sign up early.

Super, early bird pricing of $600 typically lasts until that year's instructor roster gets finalized.

If you miss out on the super early bird, you can jump in on $650 early bird pricing.

That discount goes away when schedules are complete. Once those specials are gone, the standard price goes into effect.

Regardless of when you purchase your ticket, you can save an additional $150 dollars.

To get the $150 discount, you have to be a Guardian Nation member. As I said, this discount applies to all pricing tiers, so a Guardian Nation member who signs up during super early bird saves $300 off the standard price! And not only does a Guardian Nation member receive the $150 discount for their ticket, but any ticket they purchase, including tickets for friends and family!

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A monthly Guardian Nation membership costs $38.45 and includes access to our complete training library, special discounts to our store and partner companies, and a box of gear filled with products useful to any citizen defender.

So there you have it, a way to save money on the price of admission to this year's amazing Guardian Conference.

Check out this brief clip from a previous Guardian Conference

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