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Episode 184: Analysis of the 2014 Las Vegas Walmart-Cici’s Pizza Shooting

Topic: Analysis of the 2014 Las Vegas Walmart-Cici's Pizza Shooting

Today Jacob is back on the program with Riley. Today we take a few questions from listeners before we dive in on a detailed analysis of the June 2014 shooting that took place at a Las Vegas Cici's Pizza and Walmart. Many lessons to be learned from this situation that cost 2 police officers their lives and the life of a good samaritan concealed carrier. Don't miss this one!!! Press ‘PLAY' to listen now!


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Concealed Carry Podcast: Episode #184

Today we take questions from listeners and break down a shooting that has LOTS of lessons to be learned for CCWers.

Posted by Concealed Carry on Wednesday, 20 December 2017

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