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The Wilderness LowPro EDC Belt was born out of the desire for an extremely flat and narrow buckle while maintaining the quality and comfort standards of the Original Wilderness Instructor and Frequent Flyer belts. Wilderness combines a high-grade, featherweight Delrin buckle (1.50″ or 1.25″) with its classic belt body that's manufactured from two layers of custom-made premium webbing.

As the foundation of your everyday carry, the LowPro EDC Belt is particularly well-suited to AIWB holsters and centerline carry of knives and magazines. However, it still works just as well for strong-side belt or IWB holsters as our classic tactical belts. The stitching reinforcement near the buckle ensures stable mounting of holsters or pouches in that position while still being pliable enough to conform to them and be comfortable.


  • The belt is omnidirectional and may be worn facing either direction that suits the user's needs.
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger, and Wolf Grey.
  • Available in our standard variety of body stiffness levels:
3-Stitch (most flexible)
5-stitch for more stiffness (a great balance and our most popular version)
Polymer-lined Combat Shooters Model/CSM (vertically rigid, best load-bearing)
  • Polymerized end-tab treatment eliminates fraying.
  • The LowPro EDC Belt is a 100% non-metallic, security-friendly belt made with a strong Delrin triglide buckle.
    Proudly made at their production facility in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

BUCKLE USE NOTES: The running end of the belt should be threaded through both loops of the triglide buckle for longevity. Fastening through a single loop will drastically increase the wear on the hook-and-loop due to shearing forces and make the belt less secure under extreme conditions. We advocate threading through both loops for a very secure closure that holds fast through strenuous or violent physical activity.

When cinching down the belt, hold the buckle or the other end of the belt in place while you pull on the running end with the reinforced, polymerized end tab.



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