Type 3 Malfunction Round Pack of 5

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Live Fire Tactical Training


The Type 3 Malfunction Round is a nylon dummy round that simulates the Type 3 Malfunction, exactly as we would experience it in reality, under live fire training conditions.

The Device Itself

The Type3MalfunctionRound® is made of a nylon plastic resin which is designed to protect the internal steel parts of the firearm from being damaged.

The Type3MalfunctionRound® takes the beating of the slide instead of the gun.

It is shaped much like an actual round but the “bullet” end of the round has 2 protruding “fins” that prevent the round from seating in the chamber of the firearm, causing the simulated type 3 double-feed malfunction.

Each Type3MalfunctionRound® will last roughly 500 shots before needing to be replaced. With too much wear, the Type3MalfunctionRound™ can stay stuck in the barrel when stripping the magazine from the firearm.

A One Of A Kind, Critical Training Tool

Malfunctions, while not very common in modern semi-automatic handguns, have the potential to stop your response in a critical incident and leave you vulnerable in a gunfight.

For generations, firearm trainers and training academies have been teaching shooters how to clear and resolve common malfunctions. The challenge comes when trying to practice the clearance technique for the Type 3 malfunction, also known as a double feed or failure to extract.

Now, this one-of-a-kind tool allows the user to simulate a double feed in the middle of a course of live fire allowing one the opportunity to FEEL the failure and practice the proper clearance technique.

How to Utilize

The Type 3 Malfunction Round is fed into the magazine along with live or dummy ammo (for live or dry fire respectively). For extra value have a friend or loved one “bury” the training round amongst your live ammo in your magazines.

When the training round feeds to the top of the magazine and your firearm attempts to feed it into the chamber it will cause a failure that feels and acts just like a real type 3 malfunction.

Performing your standard clearance technique will clear the Type 3 Malfunction round from the chamber and magazine effectively ensuring proper training and preventing any training scars.


Concealed Carry Inc is an Authorized Dealer of the Type3MalfunctionRound®

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18 reviews for Type 3 Malfunction Round Pack of 5

  1. Bill Jasiulewicz (verified owner)

    Works exactly as advertised, totally worth the investment.

  2. Sheldon (verified owner)

    Great product. Practice is easily done. Will order more as gifts.

  3. Dick Perez (verified owner)

    They work, (Dry firing, due to quartantine.)
    Can’t wait to live fire!

  4. Bob B. (verified owner)

    Great product for live and dry fire practice.
    I like the material used as it doesn’t harm your firearm.
    Type three malfunctions are tuff to duplicate, these make it doable.

  5. Michael C Phillips (verified owner)

    This is a great training tool. Add this and a snap cap to your magazine and you can practice both of the most common malfunctions in one outing.

  6. overcame7 (verified owner)

    Terrific product. A little pricey, but worth having; especially if you are an instructor of firearms. After having been an instructor for over 30 years, this product has been a long time coming. I love it. These dummies are perfect for hands-on practice of malfunction 3 occurrences. So glad I bought these. Hope the price comes down some.

  7. Strada (verified owner)

    Using it for dry fire and live fire training events. Works well as intended. Due to it’s light weight the training aid sometimes get propelled out of the ejection port with good velocity hitting other shooters. That happens when the point of the round is pointed upwards with only one of the flat tab engaging the chamber lip. A few times the training aid is ejected when the slide is locked back before the mag release is actuated. But this is a good simulation with just inserting into the mag and not having to set up manually.

  8. Scott Peters (verified owner)

    Genius , wish I had invented these . Great for setting up type 3 ( failure to extract/ double feed )malfunctions for training self , or others .

  9. Don Hampton (verified owner)

    Will not function correctly in a single stack mag. It jams in the mag and prevents mag removal. Have to rack the slide and force the mag out. Not good for the intended purpose. Unsatisfactory. I wasted my money.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Don, sorry to hear about your experience. If you will contact our support team we will happily take the return, pay for return shipping, and refund your purchase. Would love more details about your specific make/model so we can test on our end as we have never had any issue with the single stack mags we use.

  10. training-2836 (verified owner)

    The Live Fire Tactical Training Type 3 Malfunction round I just purchased from concealedcarry.com works just as described in both my single (1911, Sigs, XDs & Glock) & double stack (Sigs & Glock) magazines (9mm & .45) with no issues. Best type 3 training device I’ve found. I’m getting ready to purchase 1 more set of 9mm & .45. Looking forward to when these will be available in rifle calibers.

    PJ Pucci
    Pucci Associates LLC
    CO POST Full Skills Firearms Instructor; Taser Instructor (inactive)
    NRA North Central Region 3 State Training Counselor Liaison–Colorado
    NRA Senior Training Counselor, NRA CCW & Advanced Pistol Instructor, & Chief Range Safety Officer

  11. Robert Schmoldt (verified owner)

    I had used these in my last defensive pistol class we went though all 3 malfunctions and my instructor had these and highly recommended them, a great training tool for the 3rd malfunction training.

  12. Mike Lanoza (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, product exactly as described. Having the ability to train/prepare for T3 malfunction=priceless.

  13. Jose (verified owner)

    An absolute must for training clearing malfunctions and pistol manipulations…A MUST

  14. matt d (verified owner)

    Outstanding product and costumer service.
    9mm works every single time.

    I recommend this product.

  15. Robert Reinsch (verified owner)

    These work as advertised. Totally worth the cost.

  16. Rob Beckman (verified owner)

    These malfunction cartridges work great. Use them in my classes all the time because it allows the students to a type 3 malfunction anywhere within their magazine. Highly recommend these!

  17. Gary Crane

    I have generally referred to a type three malfunction as a failure to extract. As demonstrated, it is a failure to feed. Although I see value in this product, clearing out a cartridge that hasn’t entered the chamber verses one that did, is a bit easier.

  18. Paul P (verified owner)

    I train monthly with a group of guys. The tap, rack, bang drill is easy to do with a regular snap cap. However being able to replicate a double feed is difficult. This “winged” snap cap works perfectly. So in a course of fire you will have to deal with a double feed and get your gun back in action and on target. I find it best at first to coach the guys through what type of jam they have and how to clear it. Most people using commercial ammunition have not had a jam or double feed. This is something you Must put into your training regiment. I use a large drop cloth to catch the snap caps as they are easy to lose. Be safe.

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