StealthGearUSA SG-Ultralite IWB/OWB Double Mag Carrier

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Stealth Gear
Polymer 2-Hole Straight OWB Clip

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ACX-57 IWB/OWB Double Mag Carrier

Built on our rugged ACX-57 polymer platform, the ACX-57 IWB/OWB Double Mag Carrier can be worn IWB or OWB depending on the clips that are installed. Choose your configuration with the clip options (IWB or OWB) when placing your order. Easily reconfigure your mag carrier with different clips and a phillips screwdriver to change it from IWB to OWB. If you purchase an extra set of clips with your ACX-57 mag carrier, all of the necessary hardware will be included.

Designed to be tough and flexible, each mag carrier features a non-moisture absorbing suede-like backing to ensure comfort against the body. Why buy more than one mag carrier when you can have the best of both worlds with the ACX-57 Mag Carrier.

IWB Mag Carrier

Attach the IWB polymer 2-hole straight clips to carry your ACX-57 mag carrier inside the waistband. The soft polymer backing will mold to your side making it extremely comfortable and concealable.

OWB Mag Carrier

If you prefer to carry OWB or are looking for a lightweight option to add to your belt while out at the range, the ACX-57 mag carrier can be configured with clips to be carried outside the waistband. Attach the OWB clips to carry your ACX-57 mag carrier OWB.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Tough, flexible, single layer of proprietary ACX-57 polymer material
  • Absorbs zero moisture
  • Soft suede-like backing
  • Rust-resistant, black oxide steel fasteners
  • Hand-built in the USA

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1 review for StealthGearUSA SG-Ultralite IWB/OWB Double Mag Carrier

  1. danerunemaster (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for an IWB single stack dual-magazine holder for a while now, so was happy to find this. It stays in place when used with a belt, retains the magazines well with friction alone, and the retention strength and ride height can be adjusted. The default ride height gives quick access to the magazines, while being deep enough to keep the magazines tight against the body. This is great for concealment, but not great for comfort. If you’re 10-15 pounds overweight like I am, the corners of the magazine may cause discomfort as they press into your skin. I think the back panel should have been extended a few inches higher to avoid this problem. I added a square of 8 oz leather as a sweat guard, which seems to have solved the comfort problem without creating new problems.

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