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Wilderness Tactical

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While initially designed for spare semi-auto pistol magazines, the Basic Pocket Mag Pouch turned out to be much more versatile and will carry anything that fits in it including revolver Quick Strips/Speed Strips, pocket knives, flashlights, tourniquets, pepper spray, lighters, sunblock tubes, EpiPens, portable backup batteries, etc.

The BPMP is an outstanding EDC pocket gear organizer. It properly orients and positions the items for consistent grip and easy use. You can also mix and match magazines and other EDC items, such as flashlights or folding knives. The contents are limited only by your imagination.

The BPMP is made from super heavy-duty XHD elastic webbing and stitched to last through years of daily pocket rigors. The XS through LG sizes will comfortably fit in most pockets, while the XL fits best in pants or jacket cargo pockets. Made with our XHD elastic nylon webbing for optimal retention and ease of draw. The BPMP is a little smaller and more minimalist than its sister product the Pocket Modular Pouch when those are mated as a pair. The BPMP is more adaptable to other items than the PMP due to its stretchy XHD elastic construction. Most BPMPs have two identically-sized pouches. However, the “hybrids” are an offshoot made with two different sized pockets for differently-sized items.

The BPMP is engineered to feature 1G of retention with the specific items listed. This means that with the appropriate item inserted, you should be able to turn the carrier upside down and the item will not fall out unless you shake it. Items will typically glide out when withdrawn while the carrier is inside of a pocket because friction is helping to hold it in place.

Sizing Guide:

Many shooters don’t carry a spare magazine because they don’t want more pouches on their belts. However, our convenient Basic Pocket Mag Pouch may be the answer. Is the fight really over? With a small-caliber or single-stack CCW pistol or revolver, you will probably be left with an empty gun pretty fast!

Designed to fit in a front pants pocket or cargo pocket, the BPMP lets you double or triple your fight-ending payload and gives you the peace of mind that you can be ready for whatever comes next. It also offers you a fresh chance if your weapon suffers a magazine-related malfunction. Did we mention that it’s also very reasonably priced and available in numerous sizes to fit almost, well, anything? Yeah, they’re pretty cool.

2 reviews for Wilderness Tactical Basic Pocket Mag & TQ Pouch

  1. Stroud (verified owner)

    Just what I was looking for in a back pocket magazine carrier.

  2. Stroud (verified owner)

    Works great in conjunction with my front pocket carry LCP II

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