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Watch this simple 47 minute video program that condenses down the core principles of proper use of cover in a gunfight. This is an excerpt of our 3+hour Fighting From Cover program.

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Dear Friend,

Active Shooter venues do have something almost universally in common and I'm not talking about gun-free zones…

Active Shooter situations take place in the types of locations we are all now familiar with: a School, a Church, a Walmart, a Movie Theater, or a Mall.

All of these, and almost every place where we see these cowardly murderers go, have something in common and while many do take place in gun-free zones that isn't what I'm referring to.

They all have an abundance of good cover and concealment that can be used in a gunfight IF you know how to properly use cover.

ANYONE CAN RUN TO AN OBJECT AND HIDE BEHIND IT. But only skilled shooters can use that object to protect themselves while they return fire.

If you are anything like most of my students you have seen some videos online, and perhaps even received 30 minutes or so of “use of cover” training on a gun range… but if that is all you are sorely underprepared and this is SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

I Totally Understand

You are not alone, AND it’s not your fault.  

You have probably imagined what you will do in an active shooter situation, or a home invasion, etc but has your “what if” imagination led you to consider WHAT is cover and HOW to use it effectively in a dynamically changing scenario?

Don’t worry. This is what I do, and help is on the way.

WARNING: This Training Flies in The Face Of What Hollywood & Many Firearm Instructors Teach You To Do…

You could buy and watch EVERY tactical firearm DVD on Defensive Shooting, spend decades analyzing actual gunfights, and spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, and actually go get in-person training and DO this stuff like I have.


Watch this simple 47-minute video program that condenses down everything I’ve learned about the PROPER use of cover in a gunfight…

This is focused specifically on surprise violent attacks which take place in our homes or in a pubic place…

When you finish this video you’ll know the principles of using cover that will help you determine, based on any dynamic environment, how to use cover…

If that’s all you need to know, click above to get the Video…


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3 reviews for Principles of Cover Video Training

  1. William Boltz (verified owner)

    Well, I’m not the first to review this DVD, but here goes. I’m going to watch this many times over to get the most out of it. There’s too much information to absorb in one viewing. Excellent instruction throughout!

  2. Chuck (verified owner)

    Excellent Video. Got it yesterday and watched it this AM. I plan to make it part of my review program. There is so much here that I may never learn all, but I’ll keep trying.

  3. Jose (verified owner)

    Even though the video is only 47 minutes in length, it is full of valuable information. It goes a little too fast for my taste since there are certain points that in my opinion should received more time to be explained further, but that is my opinion. Many people mistakenly assume that cover is just to hide behind an object, but the reality is using cover and concealment effectively and at the same time be able to engage your targets or targets behind a barricade requires the application of some sound principles. Definitely a must watch video for any defensive oriented shooter. Highly recommended.

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