Handgun Shooting Drills Volume 2 Online Course




A continuation of our popular Handgun Shooting Drills Volume 1 is Volume 2 with more quality handgun training drills.

When you purchase you receive access to the online streaming course.

This video course includes professional Instruction, Demonstration, and Training Tips for 15 industry-standard handgun shooting drills.

Drills include:

  1. 4567 Drill
  2. 1-2-R-3 Drill
  3. Hackathorn 3 Sec Headshot
  4. The Triple Nickel
  5. El Presidente
  6. 4 x 20 Transition
  7. The Rip Off
  8. Langdon 9 Sec Standards
  9. F.A.S.T.
  10. Dot Torture Drill
  11. 10 Round Assault Course
  12. Pyramid Drill
  13. FBI Qualification
  14. 15 to the 3rd drill
  15. 10-20-30


Common Questions About this Course:

How Will I Get The Course Material?

After checkout you will immediately get access to the online video course. The link will be in your emailed receipt and you can find it in your user dashboard.


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