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Handgun Shooting Drills Volume 1

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Inspired by the Live Fire Drill Cards book comes this video training program. When you purchase you receive the Drill Videos on a DVD shipped to you.

This DVD includes profession Instruction, Demonstration, and Training Tips for 15 industry-standard handgun shooting drills.

Drills include:

  1. Effective Distance Drill
  2. 44 Drill
  3. Switch Hitting Drill
  4. Tri-10 Drill
  5. Bill Drill
  6. Reload Drill
  7. 26662 Drill
  8. iHack Drill
  9. Changing Gears Drill
  10. Half & Half Drill
  11. X-Drill
  12. Frank Garcia's Dot Drill
  13. Press Six Drill
  14. Typewriter Drill
  15. Bill Drill 2


Common Questions About this Course:

How Will I Get The Course Material?

After checkout, within 2 business days you will be shipped the DVD and you will immediately get access to the online video streaming link.

6 reviews for Handgun Shooting Drills Volume 1

  1. Malcolm Croas (verified owner)

    Just started using this information and give it a good thumbs up. Great tips woven in with instructions and demonstration. The only drawback for me was remembering the drills when going to range, didn’t feel like bringing the computer. Overall good deal

  2. Blayne R. (verified owner)

    Very helpful!

    Lots of drills with great explanation and demonstrations.

  3. John R Randolph (verified owner)

    Very good information, well presented, and well demonstrated. Weather and work schedule have prevented me from actually trying any of these drills at my outdoor range. For now, I will have to be satisfied with my dry fire drills.

  4. Bob B. (verified owner)

    Useful drills to practice, differently worth the money.
    I wish their was more filming from the side
    as it would be beneficial to see hand placement, drawing and trigger press.

  5. Joe Lewis (verified owner)

    It took me a couple of days to watch these after I received the disk. I haven’t watched all of them but those I have will improve my shooting skills. Each will be watched more then one time for sure.

  6. Matthew Buhr (verified owner)

    Very informative for newer and intermediate shooters. Good presentation. Helpful to see how these drills are done and all the different ones to try. Would be great to have a down loadable one that you could take to the range. Definitely will watch these over and over as I try the different drills when ammo and weather permits. Dry fire at home will be used first than actual live fire on the range.

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