Mission First Tactical IWB OWB Appendix Ambidextrous Holster

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Mission First Tactical

The ultimate combination of advisor driven design, technology, material and craftsmanship are evident in MFT’s holsters. With years of deep experience in designing holsters for others, MFT has now decided to use their facility to offer their own holsters under the MFT brand.

This model is a versatile AIWB, IWB or OWB capable of use both in right & left-hand positioning outside, inside your waistband or even appendix carry.

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This model is a versatile AIWB, IWB or OWB capable of use both in right & left-hand positioning outside, inside your waistband or even appendix carry. Each holster is handmade to precise tolerances for each model of handgun using the most advanced techniques and materials. Adjustable retention and the famous “audible click” makes each draw and re-holstering smooth and secure. All units feature a Comfort Carry Paddle for easy on and off. Includes a 1 ½” Belt Clip

  • Appendix, Inside the Waistband IWB, Outside the Waistband OWB
  • Ambidextrous – Wearable Right or Left-hand
  • Includes 1 ½” Belt Clip
  • Ideal for Concealed Carry
  • Adjustable Cant 0 – 15 degrees
  • Audible Passive Retention
  • Superior .08 Boltaron material
  • Laser CAD Design for Perfect fit, Smoother Draw, Less Wear
  • Abbreviated Sweat Guard
  • Quality Screws, Rivets, and Attachments
  • Sculpted for RMR (reflex red dot sights)
  • Tall Sight Channel – Open Muzzle
  • Molded, Trimmed, Assembled, Buffed by hand
  • Custom Patterns & Colors- 2-week delivery
  • Made in the USA at MFT facilities
  • Lifetime Warranty

8 reviews for Mission First Tactical IWB OWB Appendix Ambidextrous Holster

  1. J Donker (verified owner)

    The order arrived quickly w/o problem. The Glock fits the holster and is securely retained but still easy enough to pull the pistol out. Just received it so will have to use it to evaluate it further.

  2. Don (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. Fits my Rugar LC9 perfectly.

  3. Bob Potter (verified owner)

    Received the holster for my Sig 238. Easy to change from iwb to owb. Will wear it at work next week( shooting range) and see how it feels carrying and drawing.

  4. Cameron

    Really nice holster, especially for the price. Simple, adaptable, and comfortable. I have been using it for appendix carry, but very versatile to meet anyone’s needs.

  5. Dave (verified owner)

    So far the gun retention works great. I was worried at first because it was so tight but like everything else it needed a break in period. Now it works great. I have only used it OWB as that is my preferred carry mode. If you only clip it on your belt it will slip between the belt loops. Putting the clip on your pants and belt will prevent this. The clip on this holster is strong enough that you can draw without worrying about pulling the holster out as the same time.

  6. Joseph Shahoud (verified owner)

    This was not my first Mission First Tactical holster. I have had one for my Glock 43 that has been great. This particular purchase was for a Glock 44 (Glock 19). It is ridiculously tight and I can’t get it to loosen up. The holster looks great and is made very well as you should expect from MFT, but this particular one is just a bit too tight.

  7. Dominic Gioffre

    The Shield Plus is a tad thick for the holster made for the regular Shield holster. That bottom screw can be loosened and it fits better. However, I noticed the screw was coming loose after awhile. I managed to insert a lock washer in between the inner spacer and the kydex, thus widening the gap enough to draw my weapon without drawing the holster with it. The screw now stays put. Between doing that and securing the bottom lip of the clip to hook into my belt, it serves as a fine appendix holster.

  8. Gary

    Ive had my MFT holster for about a year. I carry a Glock 43X. I just noticed it fitting loose lately. Upon further inspection, I found it had cracked at the clip attach point right where it rides the belt. Not sure if this is common as I like the fit and function. Time to reorder.

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