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Watch this simple 54 minute video program that condenses down everything I’ve learned about counter attacking a violent home intruder. This is an excerpt of our 8-hour Complete Home Defense program.

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Dear Friend,

Do you own a gun and have it near where you sleep so you can STOP bad guys if they ever violate you, or your home you at night?

Have you thought about what it might feel like if you had to wake up and shoot someone, from a deep sleep to save your life?

Do you know EXACTLY, step-by-step what you’ll do AFTER you retrieve your firearm… and have you practiced it in detail?

If answering those questions triggered any fears or further tactical questions in your mind, then this is SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

I Totally Understand

You are not alone, AND it’s not your fault.  

You have probably imagined how you will wake up, how and where you will retrieve your firearm, and then… well then what?

Don’t worry. This is what I do, and help is on the way.

WARNING: This Training Flies in The Face Of What Hollywood & Many Firearm Instructors Teach You To Do…

You could buy and watch EVERY tactical firearm DVD on Home Defense, spend decades analyzing actual home invasion events, and spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, and actually go get in-person training and DO this stuff like I have.


Watch this simple 54-minute video program that condenses down everything I’ve learned about preparing for and addressing home intruders with your gun…

This is focused specifically on surprise violent attacks which usually take place in the middle of the night…

When you finish this video you’ll be able to defend your home and family when you're forced to respond to a criminal who's already in your home with violent intentions…

If that’s all you need to know, click here now to get the Video…


The #1 FEAR


Home Defense is a broad topic yet the #1 fear my students have is the scenario where you wake up to an intruder in the night.

How do you wake up, alert, deadly, and ready to fight back?

AND most important.

How do you make sure that you never EVER make the tragic mistakes we hear about so often in the news…


Most home invasions take place from 10am to 3pm  when criminals hope no one is home.

If a home invasion takes place at night, this is because the criminal attacking you is not afraid to or unwilling to hurt you…

Because if you fail to deal with the threat properly and quickly…

You are risking your own life and those of anyone in your home.

YES, part of that means having good fundamental shooting skills like grip, stance, sight acquisition…

The #1 RISK

In an environment like your home the biggest risk is NOT your fundamental shooting skills.

Rather, it’s the cost of poor tactics that subject you to danger…

No matter how much you secure your home there are criminals willing and able to break through that security and hurt you to get what they want…

Every home is different in layout and context.

You may have loved ones in different parts of the home, you may or may not have dogs that bark, a security system or an emergency response or communication plan.

SO… this is why your Bump In The Night Response Plan has to be based on true and proven principles…

And your plan must be flexible enough to adapt to your specific floor plan

And your plan must ensure all members of the household understand the tactics, the gear, and the application of your response plan and have the skills needed to deal with that threat.

Just listing what a perfect “Bump In The Night Response Plan” must do is enough to make your head spin, which is why I’m offering you this video training, at such a low price…

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

    • Where in the home you can fortify a position of strength against the intruder…
    • How to safely deploy weapon-mounted or handheld lights without giving away your position to the attacker…
    • How can you use a little known strategy to force the bad guy into vulnerable positions?
    • What are the most critical risks, and how to avoid them when defending your home from an intruder during the night?
    • How to strategically plan around and move through Fatal Funnels without making yourself vulnerable to attack…
    • How do you work with other prepared adults in your home as a team in responding to threats?
    • What is the number 1 most critical mistake most homeowners make when they respond to threats in the home?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of stairwells in the home and how can you use them?
    • How to DOUBLE-PIE a corner (HINT: this will make you feel like an action hero when you learn it, and it’s SO simple)
    • What are the best techniques to win a physical fight over your gun?
    • How to best move through tight spaces without risking the bad guy grabbing your firearm and taking it from you?
    • What circumstances warrant clearing rooms through the house?
    • How to properly clear rooms to get to your loved ones alive… (This is where most of us have been misled by hollywood)


PLUS A BONUS! You’ll Also Receive…

This DVD includes 3 different scenarios re-enacted and played out live.

These scenarios are based on real events and show in real time what you need to be prepared for and what simple tactics you can employ to change the outcome in your favor.

I realize that some of you don’t have a DVD player.

No problem, when you claim your DVD today we will also send you a private link via email which you can watch the entire DVD online from ANY internet connected device.


I Can’t Take Full Credit For The Content

I’ve been doing this for over a decade through my previous private security consulting company and now as a firearm instructor who has taught over 10,000 students.

Plus, this program is co-instructed by Riley Bowman; Director of Training for ConcealedCarry.com…

Don’t let the length (Just 54 Minutes) fool you. We have scoured the industry and talked to other instructors and can’t find any other content that so succinctly addresses dealing with the “bump in the night.”


Why Pioneers Get Scalped

There is an old saying in business “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper” Think about it, you go out and try this on your own.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier it is when you follow a proven system of dozens of “Pioneers” before you that studied 1000s of home invasions, police reports, and surveillance video before putting together proven home defensive tactics?



    • Feeling confident in your ability to respond with deadly force to a threat in your home
    • Knowing how to identify the target and move to address it without putting yourself or your loved ones in a position of risk
    • Sleeping at night knowing you have a response plan based on proven and tested principles that WILL apply to your home layout and situation
    • Knowing how to force your attacker into vulnerable and risky positions
    • Being on the same page about your response plan as every other adult in the home!

      (This alone may be the most undervalued aspect of home defense preparation, but it makes sense right?  Don’t you think police and military spend a lot of time and thought training how they’ll work together in any scenario involving firearms?)


My “Double” You’ll Love

It Guarantee

Guarantee #1  If for any reason you think this video isn’t the best money you’ve ever spent just return it and I’ll gladly refund you whole purchase.

Guarantee #2  If you actually DO everything I recommend for you to do in the program and you don’t feel you are more prepared for a home invasion as a result, I’ll actually refund TWICE your money. All I ask is that you give me an honest effort.

Your Instructors:

Riley Bowman on the left | Jacob Paulsen on the Right

Riley Bowman is the Creator and host of The Concealed Carry Podcast. Riley is an accomplished firearms shooter and instructor. With a background in law enforcement and security, Riley enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise when it comes to firearms safety, self-defense and concealed carry. Riley is an NRA Pistol Instructor and is also a Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor, USCCA Training Councilor, as well as a certified Glock & Sig Sauer Armorer. Riley successfully won his division of the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship of The American Marksman competition and was a finalist at the National Championship.

Jacob S. Paulsen is the President of ConcealedCarry.com and co-host of The Concealed Carry Podcast. Jacob is a NRA certified instructor, Range Safety Officer, Utah BCI Instructor, USCCA Instructor & Training Councilor, Affiliate Instructor for Next Level Training & L.A.S.R, and a certified armorer for Glock and Sig Sauer. Jacob leads the instructor team of over 50 network instructors in 25 states.


Common Questions About this Course:

How Will I Get The Course Material?

After checkout, within 2 business days you will be shipped the DVD and you will immediately get access to the online video streaming link.


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5 reviews for Bump In The Night DVD and Streaming

  1. Gary Boham (verified owner)

    I’ve only watched the 1-hour CD, which is made up of material from the 8+ hour course they hope to sell you, but I did not see anything that I had not heard or seen before, or thought of myself.
    They certainly bit off a big piece to work on; there are probably hundreds of variables due to the number of people in a household, their ages, the myriad layouts of houses, the number of intruders, and so on.
    For the beginner, or someone without access to an experienced friend or coach, there’s a lot of useful information here. It’s probably not fair to judge the full 8+ hour course based on this sample, but because they are just “winging it” rather than working from a script or at least a detailed outline, they spend too much time talking, and those static shots get tiring. At least most of it seems to be in focus, though I suspect the two of them took turns running the camera and “directing.” There’s a reason real directors get paid; there’s more to making a video than hitting the Record button and yelling ‘Action!’ It’s a relief that they used a tripod for much of the video, and the handheld portions are not very shaky.
    Perhaps I’m just an old fart, but I would have expected Riley to care enough about the project and have enough respect for his audience to shave on the day he knew they were going to be shooting video.
    It’s also a shame that they didn’t have professionals to shoot their scenario near the end of the CD, with some old man getting out of bed when he hears noise downstairs. They actually tried to shoot it in the dark, which is tough if not impossible with video, rather than shoot it with better (but more dramatic) lighting and then make it darker in post production.
    I worked in broadcast TV and doing commercials from 1972 thru 2000, so my criticisms are based on my own experience.
    I met the police officer and firearms trainer who became my “mentor” around 1992, and devoured the works of Ayoob, Cirillo and others (in the olden days, they had these things called ‘books’, and later, VHS ‘tapes’). I’ve been teaching since 2005, first as an assistant and eventually on my own.
    I include this information to help you judge whether my review may have some merit or should be ignored.

    • Riley Bowman

      Thank you for the fair evaluation. It is true, we are not experienced filmmakers. But we’re trying, and we’re continually learning. We also do not have a large budget. But we try to make sure we have good quality audio, decent steady shots, most everything is filmed off of tripods, and relatively decent lighting.

      I directed the production. Corey is our camera and audio guy. Mitch assisted where he was needed. Jacob made sure we followed our outline as best as we could.

      Yes, there is no script. We did not have the time available to try to shoot in following a script precisely. If we had, it would have taken 3-4 times longer to complete the filming. Again budget.

      Sorry if this did not meet your expectations. Our focus was to provide the best information we could in the most effective way we knew how.

      In my defense of my facial hair. I have crazy sensitive skin and daily shaving causes me a great deal of irritation and pain. Or maybe I’m just a wuss. 🙂 As such, my M.O. is to wear a shadow 95% of the time. Watch any of our other videos, and you’ll see this is my normal style.

  2. Jack Kane (verified owner)

    I already own (and have attentively watched) their 3-CD course entitled “Complete Home Defense”.
    My take on that was “Yeah, not much new beyond what common sense would not suggest”, but there were a few new ideas, so it was not a total waste.
    SO I thought it was a pretty shabby trick to advertise this “Bump in the Night” CD without divulging that it is no more than excerpts from the 3-CD set.
    I was very disappointed to discover that I had bought something presented as new, to find it is recycled-old.
    Worse yet was the litany of add-on adverts that you have to wade through to actually achieve the checkout page.
    I also own their “Concealed Carry Fundamentals” and “Vehicle Defense” CD’s, so I am now cured from visiting their site any more.

    • Jacob Paulsen

      Jack, sorry for the confusion. We do try to NOT advertise Bump In the Night to anyone who has purchased the full Complete Home Defense. On the product page (and I’ll be double checking this is true anywhere the product is advertised) we have made sure to clarify it is an excerpt of the full program. I have just refunded you for this purchase. Thank you for your feedback.

  3. John Budinger (verified owner)

    I rate this dvd highly because it was exactly as presented, contains valuable and pertinent information, and, let’s face it, $9.99 is not going to break most people’s banks. In fact, for that price, it contained way more than I expected. Despite having received similar training myself, I feel like I can never hear this stuff too much.

  4. Alicia Cruz (verified owner)

    I’m a total newbie where this is concerned but I felt there was a lot of basic yet very valuable information in this. It was just long enough to hold my attention without boring me and pointed out things I hadn’t thought of myself ie what position to hold your firearm while moving through a house with a possible intruder, possible cover positions etc. Again, I’m a newbie but for the price I paid I felt I got my money’s worth.

  5. Dwain E Fye (verified owner)

    Maybe the video isn’t professional, but It was well done. I got a lot out of this. And I really don’t see much else out there. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about protecting my home and family and every bit that I can get helps.
    Thanks you CC

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