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467 shot timer in dry fire

Episode 467: Using a Shot Timer in Dry Fire

Today, Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster talk about dry fire strategies and specifically how to incorporate a shot timer into dry fire as is shown in the most recent Shooter Ready Challenge video found at

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Tennessee Church Shooting

What We Learn From This Texas Church Shooting

Shootings in church seem to be on the rise a lot lately, which is all the reason to carry a gun to begin with. However, there is a distinction that must be made between someone who carries a gun and someone willing to use that gun to save life that is of extreme […]

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Happy New Year, And A Reminder

Well we made it, my friends. The end of one of the worst years on memory for our country is coming to a close. Of course, 2021 will also likely be a disaster, but at least we are a bit better prepared and won’t be blindsided. The bad cough is still here with a new […]

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Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Map Builder - USA Firearm Training (2)

Top 5 Best Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permits

*The below article has been updated with current information about Virginia’s changes and bren links fixed.* The longer we wait for any sort of Constitutional 50-state carry laws to be passed, the it seems like it won’t happen. So, in anticipation of that I thought it to be prudent to speak about the best […]

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How Many Bullets Should You Carry

The Three Necessities For Self-Defense Ammo

Here we go on ammo again. This time, however, I’m not really going to talk about the shortage. I feel like it’s time to shoot that horse so it stops suffering from its wounds. But it is important to pick out the right ammo, especially during a massive shortage like we’re currently seeing. Otherwise, you’ll […]

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