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Here I'm trying to show the slide serrations. Also notice the rail for attaching whatever you'd like that'll fit.

Fake Pro-Gun Groups On The Rise

I’ve seen a lot during my tenure as a content producer for the gun industry. A good portion of what I’ve seen are things that have forced me to scratch my head asking, “how does that even happen?” For example, I’ve seen (and even worked for) gun websites that were owned and ran by people […]

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Why I Think The ATF is Coming For Pistol Braces

I’d say that chances are good that you’ve heard at least some of what is going on with the gun maker Q, the pistol braces they install on their guns, and the BATFE sending a letter saying pistol braces are not ily dily with them. More information has recently come out from our good friends […]

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New Changes to USCCA’s Membership Programs

You may have heard about the USCCA’s recent program changes, and if you haven’t yet heard that’s what this article is about. And if you have heard about them but are in need some extra clarity about what this all means, we recently got the lo-down from the company so we can present you with […]

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police line

Florida Man Shoots Ground To Scare Armed Men

Melbourne, Florida — A Melbourne man said he feared for his safety after seeing two men approaching his house. The man said at least one of the men was armed with a firearm as they approached. The incident happened one day last week, just before 6 in the morning on White Cap Way. The residents […]

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