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bi tones handgun that's on a mirror with bullets

Two Things NOT To Do With Your Guns

Sometimes I’m left scratching my head as I sit here and read the gun-related news stories each morning. So many incidents can be avoided with just a little consideration if people just stopped to think . Any of us who are gun owners have the responsibility to make sure others don’t get hurt with our […]

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LaserDot Ammo Dry Fire

Dry Fire and Drawing Your Gun

The importance of a correct draw during a defensive encounter cannot be overstated. It is at this point in the scenario when you’re supposed to establish your all-important combat grip. And as we all hopefully know by now, having this proper grip means the difference between accurate follow up shots and managing your gun, or […]

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Where You Can Buy 9mm Ammo Right Now

Ammunition is still scarce as we move further into the year that shall not be named. There are generally two thoughts on this, one of them being that everyone should stop buying ammo because the climate dictates that if we keep buying it the price will continue to rise. I believe there is truth in […]

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