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Winchester Gains Contract as FBI Ammunition Supplier

Winchester Ammunition

The folks over at Winchester are now happily laughing their way to the bank following the company’s newest contracted purchaser, a little group called the FBI.

According to a press release we got from Winchester yesterday, their ammunition has been chosen as the Bureau’s primary source for ammunition for the remaining agent's firearms chambered in .40 S&W.

The FBI has been using forty cals primarily since 1986 after the Miami Massacre. The massacre, which saw 2 FBI agents killed and 5 others wounded, caused the Bureau to see a need for a more potent duty cartridge/gun and they chose .40 S&W for the job.

However, just as it did in 1986, times change and so must the FBI. Recently the sidearm issued for agents was changed from Glocks chambered in .40 S&W to the Glock 19M & 17M. It seems likely at this point, however, that this will be rolled out over the next several years and a good portion of the FBI still likely carries G22 and G23s in .40 S&W, which is the reason for this contract, to begin with. 

According to the press release, the cartridges to be used are 180 gr. bonded jacketed hollow points (JHP), and will utilize a reverse-jacketed, bonded bullet that can, according to Winchester, penetrate a wide variety of intermediate barriers while still maintaining very consistent target penetration and reliable expansion. We are also told that the contract supplies training ammo, as well.

Winchester’s press release goes on to explain that the cartridge’s nickel-plated case will help prevent corrosion and ensure smooth feeding as well as extraction. Flash suppressed powder will be used in this cartridge in order to maintain an agent’s night vision and meet the FBI’s stringent, darkened range evaluation.

Matt Campbell, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Winchester also gave a personal quote in the release, stating that “The FBI uses one of the most rigorous ammunition tests ever developed and we are very proud that Winchester has been identified as having the best product performance.”

So what do you think about the FBI choosing Winchester going forward? After all, many folks consider their ammo to be bottom of the barrel and some of the dirtiest around. And, isn't .40 S&W dead? Comment below.

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