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367 Guns Stolen From UPS in TN Recovered in IL

According to sources, the BATFE has announced that they're investigating the theft of 367 guns that were taken out of a UPS facility in Memphis, Tennessee. The agency is seeking any information that may help with their investigation concerning the two individuals who drove up in a U-Haul truck, getting away with a large number of guns that consisted of three pallets with 367 of Ruger's guns apparently chambered in .22 and .380.

They are offering a $5,000 reward for any info that leads to an arrest or conviction.

One suspect has been caught after police received a phone call reporting suspicious activity, but police are still searching for the other suspect who got away on foot. The $5,000 reward is still in place as of this writing.

Here is a tweet from ATF Chicago announcing that several hundred firearms have been retrieved, along with the U-Haul truck, and one suspect:

It is being reported that Ruger was in process of shipping the firearms, that all were either .22 or .380 guns, and that 364 of them were recovered. At this time we are learning that the rest of the guns were sold for about $400.

If you have any information regarding the other suspect involved, or have any other information that would help convict the thieves, please call the hotline: 1800 ATF-Guns.

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