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Episode 121: “Don’t Make Me Pull My Piece” Robber Gets a “Piece”

Topic: “Don't Make Me Pull My Piece” Robber Gets a “Piece”

In today's news: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signs campus carry legislation into law, Texas LTC permit prices are going down, Florida passes legislation that finally removes the 3-day waiting period on handgun purchases, and more. Plus we cover some fantastic JUSTIFIED stories today including one where a man stops an assault and robbery against his family and home from 5 thugs, another man stops a potential active shooting from taking place in a Texas bar. And don't miss the story of the hotel clerk that when confronted by an armed robber that said “Don't make me pull my piece” responded by drawing his own “piece!” Listen in now!!

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One Response to Episode 121: “Don’t Make Me Pull My Piece” Robber Gets a “Piece”

  1. John Sturm May 25, 2017 at 1:41 pm #

    About Stacey Kendell Ross Jr. I try to look up the backgrounds of those shot and killed in justified shooting stories. I don’t know about convictions, but he was arrested on back to back nights, Dec 21st and 22nd, 2015. One was a felony count. If he was convicted, which I can not find, he should of been in prison serving time, not committing crime!

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