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Dynamic CCW Permit Reciprocity Map Generator

We are excited to announce the release of another tool to help and support gun owners in the US. The release of this tool is meant to address a few common problems:

  1. It can be frustrating to keep track of changes to states that honor or don't honor your state's permit.
  2. If you have multiple permits from different states it becomes a more complicated patchwork of reciprocity to truly understand where you are legally able to carry concealed.
  3. If you travel often and are considering getting a permit from different states, in addition to your own, you need a tool to be able to forecast what other state permits it would make sense to obtain.


With that in mind our new CCW Map Builder will solve these frustrations. We will endeavor to keep it fully updated so that at any given time you can know where your permit is valid. This tool is fully compatible with mobile phone browsers along with the rest of our site so you can easily check on the go for the latest information.

If you have permits from multiple states you have long had to memorize the complicated patchwork of states that do and don't honor what permits and if they have restrictions about only honoring resident vs non-resident permits from those states. This is the first online map generator of its kind that takes into consideration the factor that some states will honor a permit from another state only if that permit is in the hand of a resident from that state. Thus, as an example, someone from New York who obtains a Utah permit will know via this map that Florida will not honor their permit even though Florida does honor Utah resident permits.

Check it out today and build your map. The tool is brand new and we are anxious to hear your feedback!

>>Build Your Map Now<<

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2 Responses to Dynamic CCW Permit Reciprocity Map Generator

  1. eagle21 March 24, 2015 at 7:54 pm #

    Dr. Paulsen: Love the CCW Map Generator along with your legal disclaimer…..
    Any possibility to produce a similar map generator for Open Carry?
    Texas is about to enact Open Carry (Handguns – if Shoulder or Hip Holstered) if the individual has a Concealed Handgun License (CHL): Assuming the Texas House and Senate don’t get into another squabble like 2 years ago. I get more questions about Open Carry in other states than I do about Concealed Carry during my CHL class. Thanks in advance.
    Robert – Eagle 21 Services (FFL and Texas CHL Instructor)

    • Jacob Paulsen March 24, 2015 at 8:24 pm #

      Robert, good idea. I had never thought about it before. Open carry laws seem to vary dramatically from state to state (or at least that is my perception). I am aware of this resource however:

      I will consider how I could incorporate or improve on what is currently available!


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