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Episode 294: The Enemy Within the NRA, Adam Kraut

Topic: The Enemy Within the NRA, Adam Kraut

Today Riley and Matthew interview Adam Kraut, attorney-at-law and host of “The Legal Brief” on The Gun Collective. Adam works on legal cases surrounding firearm and Second Amendment law. Right now his firm is leading the charge on suing the Federal government on the recent bumpstock ban ATF ruling. Adam is also running for the NRA Board of Directors for the third time. He is a true patriot and friend of the Second Amendment and we think he should be strongly considered by voting members of the NRA. Leave us your thoughts after you listen to this very interesting discussion about whether you agree with Adam or not!

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The book Adam recommended: To Keep and Bear Arms by Joyce Lee Malcolm


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2 Responses to Episode 294: The Enemy Within the NRA, Adam Kraut

  1. Neil Block February 25, 2019 at 8:46 pm #

    what city and state does Adam live in I want to write him in

  2. Chris February 26, 2019 at 12:46 pm #

    I was not impressed at all. Last time I looked at Kraut’s twitter he was referencing “The Trace” for a critique of the NRA, apparently not knowing the Trace is funded by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown.
    It is easy for people with few facts to throw stones at the NRA because it is big tent.
    He clearly also has no idea what happened with reciprocity either. No one dropped the ball — we would need 60 in the Senate, eight Democrat Senators, and that is not happening with Chuck Schumer,who unlike Reid is from a “may issue” state, controlling the Democrat senators.

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