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Episode 114: Dryfire Tools and Tips With John and Jason at L.A.S.R.

Topic: Dryfire Tools and Tips With John and Jason at L.A.S.R.

We all know how important spending time practicing shooting is, and many of you understand how important dryfire practice is as well. But do you know how to make your dryfire practice easier, faster, more effective AND more fun?? Today Riley sits down with John Wallace and Jason Williams, founders of L.A.S.R. App. Plus John and Jason give some of their favorite dryfire drills and tips. If you're serious about becoming a better shooter, trust me, you're not going to want to miss today's episode, AND you're going to want to check out L.A.S.R. App! Listen in now…

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  • SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition! Proudly made right here in the USA by Sig Sauer; One of the things I really appreciate is that their Elite Performance FMJ Target Ammunition is designed to the same performance specifications as their Elite V-Crown self-defense jacketed hollow points. This ensures that you train how you fight… while also saving you money. If you are looking for reliable ammunition at a great price; check out SIG Sauer Elite Performance Ammunition today. Available at many of your favorite sporting goods stores, online, and especially at our website
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  • LASR App. You’ve heard it here on the Concealed Carry Podcast. This is a super cool training tool that can really take your training (if I can borrow a phrase from a partnering company) “to the next level”. If you’re like me, you cannot afford the time or the money to shoot live guns and ammo as often as you need to to be a pro, but you can supplement your training with effective, realistic dry-fire practice using LASR App. Check it out today at For podcast listeners only, and for a limited time, listen in to the episode to receive a special discount code to save 10% off!!

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