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Crows Tactical Holster Review

I have a super unique holster to tell you all about. It is an outside the waistband (OWB), kydex holster from a company by the name of Crow’s Tactical. I have reviews some innovative holsters, and this one is right at the top of the list when it comes to forward thinking and design.

First, the kydex is very thick and well formed. The edges are all refined and the quality of fasteners and grommets are great. The curve of the holster that I find very important to OWB designs is perfect and allows the holster to ride close to the body. Additionally, the belt loops have an inward cant to them, which drives the gun even closer to the body, increasing the conceivability of the gun. Now, where this holster is truly unique is the ‘blade’ system it runs on.

The same holster can be used with many different types of guns, by simply changing out an internal kydex ‘blade’ that creates the retention around the trigger mechanism. The kydex blades are cheaper to purchase than an entirely new holster, and by only having to switch out an internal piece, you can keep that custom kydex design for all your holsters. I was somewhat skeptical how a mainly, ‘universal’ kydex holster, with only a small custom ‘blade’ would hold the gun. This thing retains the gun just as good as any fully custom kydex holster that I have tried.

I found out that around 80% of the retention in any kydex holster is actually from the area around the trigger guard, so that makes sense, because this holster really has great retention.

Additionally you can adjust the retention by tightening or loosening the screws around the blade.

Truly an amazing design that is sure to help out those guys and gals that carry a few different guns and don't want to buy many different holsters. Be sure to check these guys out!

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