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Concealed Carry Mobile App Updated To Allow User Contacts

On one occasion I get a call from a previous student who tells me they had been looking for my phone number for several days before they found it. Why does this happen? Someone comes through the class and records my name and phone number in their phone but six months ago and then forgot my name. I'm not offended nor am I surprised.

Contacts in Firearm AppThis is one of the reasons we decided to add a new feature to our top ranked, no-cost mobile application. The Concealed Carry Gun Tools App for Android and iPhone now has a new section in the menu in which you can add five contacts:

For each of the below contacts you can add a name, phone, email, and website:

  1. Instructor: So you always have handy the person who can help you with your training and give you good input on your next purchase.
  2. Attorney: When your blood is pumping you don't have to try to remember the attorneys name or number. Just open the gun app and go to Attorney…
  3. Gun Club: To reserve the lane at the range, sign up for an event, or check on inventory of your favorite ammo
  4. Other: You can add up to 2 other contacts which may include other industry professionals you count on to be part of your survival and firearm team.

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Gun Apps for iPhoneChangelog



Gun Apps for iPhoneChangelog


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