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SHOP Talk: Faster Draw Stroke

On this week's episode of SHOP Talk, Riley shows you how to shave some time off of your draw stroke. I'm not sure you're ready for this because it'll blow your mind: The number one thing you can do to save time on your draw is to get to your gun faster.

Sounds kind of stupid, when you think about it, and when I started to watch the video I laughed a bit when he said that. But, it is true, and he shows you how to get to your gun faster.

Getting my shirt out of the way is something that I'm personally working on, and sometimes struggle with from time to time in my practice. Clearing the garment when you're big like me can be a bit difficult and that's one of the main things he talks about. Well, not for big dudes, but in general.

If you practice the things he talks about in this video, chances are good you will learn how to get to your gun faster. When we're talking about saving life, even fractions of a second can be long.

For me, I tend to use a two handed garment clearing method, due to some physical stuff I'm working out and my clothing usually gets hung up on something when I use only the one handed technique.

Check out the video for more information on how to train yourself to get to your gun faster:

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