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November 2018 Guardian Nation Gear Box Unveiling

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Well, it's November, which can only mean one thing … The Guardian Nation Gear Box is either about to go out or people are already getting it. I always like to take a moment to showoff some of the things that go into not only the GN Gear Box, but also the other goodies that you get, as well, when you make the choice to become a member of Guardian Nation.

For one, you get the quarterly gear box filled to the brim with more value than you're paying for the entire membership, and that's just one benefit of joining. You can check out this quarter's Gear Box, here:

It's too late to get November's box. And that's okay, because we are already working on filling the next box with excellent goodies and training tools. It's like waiting for Santa's Sleigh to arrive at your mailbox, only you don't have to wait until Christmas each year to get a box of awesome gear.

Because they go out once per quarter.

I guess this is a good point to include some of the other bennies you get when you become a member of the Guardian Nation:

  • Extensive, updated frequently, shooting skills video library.
  • Ongoing 15% discount to USCCA membership.
  • Ongoing 5% discount to Ammo Supply Warehouse.
  • Access to our MASSIVE twice a year sales (40-80% off).
  • Access to past and future Guardian Nation Live Broadcasts (people like Rob Leatham, Rob Pincus, James Yeager).
  • And so much more.

Training for a self-defense scenario is one of the best things you can do to prepare you to defend yourself with your gun. Guardian Nation gives you the skills and gear necessary to do that. It's a no brainer. But don't just take my word for it.

I mean, I do work here. Check out this video review from a third party that the Firearm Patriot put together:

Make sure you sign up for Guardian Nation today, so you can make sure you're eligible to receive the next GN Gear Box, filled to the brim with useful goodies. Sign up here:

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