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Firearm relevant updates and news stories for American gun owners. Stay up to date on what is happening around you that effects your everyday concealed carry habits.

wyoming constitutional carry

Wyoming Now Allows Constitutional “Permit-less” Carry For Non-Residents

Today July 1, 2021, a change to Wyoming’s constitutional carry law goes into effect. Before today, carrying a firearm without a permit in Wyoming was only afforded to residents of the state. However, Wyoming House Bill 116 provides that non-residents in Wyoming may also carry a firearm without first obtaining a permit. When lawmakers debated […]

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Washington State No Longer Honors Oklahoma Concealed Carry License

As of June 24th, 2021, the State of Washington will no longer honor concealed carry permits from Oklahoma. I was unable to find the reason for the change. However, changes are quite often due to the requirements in one state not meeting the desired requirements of another. Washington State’s official concealed carry reciprocity website reflects […]

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Reinstated! South Dakota’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity With Nevada is Back

Earlier in the month, we reported that Nevada had dropped concealed carry reciprocity with a handful of states. These changes were to take place on July first. We are happy to update that post and have confirmed that South Dakota’s reciprocity with Nevada is back. The same thing occurred with Ohio’s reciprocity agreement with Nevada. […]

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