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Firearm relevant updates and news stories for American gun owners. Stay up to date on what is happening around you that effects your everyday concealed carry habits.


Remington’s High Bidders Announced

The bids for what is left of Remington have been announced and released for us to see. The highest bidders “winning” certain assets are interesting to say the least. We reported a couple of weeks ago that JJE, the parent company of Palmetto State Armory placed a bid to acquire Remington’s ammunition brand during Remington’s […]

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Permit Loophole Closing in 3 Months

Well, it finally happened. An obscure “loophole” that the firearm industry has been using for over a decade has been discovered by anti-gunners and is being closed effective January 1st, 2021. This is going to take a bit of work to fully explain so be patient with me and read this post in its entirety. […]

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Remington Receives Bid for Ammo Line

The parent company for Palmetto State Armory, JJE Capital Holdings, has placed a bid to buy Remington’s Ammunition . The bid, if finalized, will cost the South Carolina Company 65 million dollars plus any liabilities. This bid comes during one of the biggest ammunition shortages the gun industry has experienced in recent times, and is […]

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