Pistol Skill: How Good is Good Enough?

How Good is Good Enough and Keeping Gear in Perspective

The Gun Matters…or Does it? I recently taught a Pistol Intelligence class in Phoenix, AZ. I drove from Colorado where I live, to the venue in AZ. Since I drove, I could bring equipment than when I fly, including a variety of guns. My idea was to shoot and demo in front of the…

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How to Buy A Suppressor— My Silencer Shop Experience

How Simple is Buying a Silencer? Pretty Darn Simple it Turns Out. That is what this article is about–documenting the simple process of submitting the paperwork to receive your suppressor legally, and how Silencer Shop simplified the process with innovation and technology. Purchasing a Silencer is Easy — A few years ago, I came across…

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REVIEW: XS Sights R3D Night Sights [VIDEO]

xs sights

XS Sights has been well known in the industry for their Big Dot sights dating back to their Ashley Emerson and Ed Pastusek days in the late nineties. While I could always appreciate why some shooters liked the Big Dots (including our Managing Editor, Matthew Maruster), I didn’t personally prefer them to traditional post-and-notch…

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