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CTJJ5N Front view of a Walmart supercentre store exterior sign logo Ontario Canada  KATHY DEWITT. Image shot 05/2012. Exact date unknown.

Walmart, President Trump, And The NRA

There is so much news coming out this week it’s almost hard to know where to start. It’s a , really. Some good, some bad. We’ll start with what’s going on with America’s largest brick and mortar retailer, Walmart. Walmart CEO Backs More Gun Control As we remember, two mass murders to place at two […]

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warning shots

Warning Shots Rarely Work Out, As Seen Here

In this article we’ll discuss the dilemma of warning shots and give another example of why they do not work. This is a two part article. The first part is a news story highlighting a real life scenario of someone who used a warning shot out of fear for his own life. The second part […]

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Reminder: First Aid Gear Is Essential For EDC

I’m not going to pretend to be a first aid expert. We’ve got Brian for that and he’s already covered a good amount of first aid stuff for us. I learned some stuff while in the Marines, but I have to admit, being married to a Registered Nurse has kind of spoiled me. She has […]

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no guns allowed

The Attack On Our Second Amendment Continues

The attack on the Constitution and our Second Amendment continues and we’re stuck with no real leadership to guide us out of this mess. The latest attack comes on the heels of back to back mass killings where multiple lives were taken. And, in a knee jerk reaction, the only apparent solution to mass killings […]

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Episode 341: News & Gear Reviews – Noisefighters Ear Pro Upgrade

Today Riley and Jacob introduce a revised format for our “Industry News” episodes. Today we’ll talk about some new products coming to market, another NRA Board Director has resigned, AND we talk about a couple of products that really float our boat including something that VASTLY improves your already existing ear protection!

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