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Have You Fallen Out of Love With Concealed Carry?

Instructors hear this story all of the time. Someone decided to get their concealed carry permit for one reason or another and after a few days/weeks/months of carrying concealed they give it up. It is really unfortunate that this happens and if you could count yourself among those who don't carry as often as you should or as often as you used to then we will be publishing a series of articles over the next two weeks that are just for you.

reasons why you don't carry copyThis series of articles titled “Falling Back In Love With Carrying Concealed” will discuss the different reasons we most often hear from people that they don't carry their firearm. Below is a list of the different articles we will be publishing during the next two weeks. As each one “goes live” on the site we will link to it from the below list so coming back here to this article will always give you direct access to each of these as they become available.

While you are waiting to hear more, use the comments below to let us know if you feel we have missed any of the primary reasons why people don't carry their firearm.

  1. Difficulty Concealing the Firearm
  2. Too Many Places That Prohibit Guns
  3. Physical Discomfort
  4. Fear of Taking Action
  5. Fear of Legal and Civil consequences
  6. Employer doesn't allow it
  7. Conflict with social activities
  8. Couldn't Establish or Lost the Habit


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2 Responses to Have You Fallen Out of Love With Concealed Carry?

  1. Scott May 19, 2015 at 1:00 pm #

    The biggest obstacle to me carrying more regularly is that many places prohibit handguns, and I’m not certain what the consequences would be if I needed to use my weapon to defend myself or a family member. How many school shootings do we see in the news? All of them banned guns, but that didn’t stop the perpetrators from committing their crime. Would someone with a permit for CCW face legal ramifications of they used their weapon to defend someone in a “banned” area? The old saying of rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 could apply, but who can risk the legal fees associated with doing the right thing?

    • Jacob Paulsen May 19, 2015 at 1:01 pm #

      Scott this is a common reason that we hear. We will be addressing this in one of the articles in this series. Stay tuned!

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