S8E4: Drawing Your Pistol With Cold Weather Gear

Riley Bowman and Matthew Maruster discuss the idea of practicing drawing your pistol when wearing things like coats, jackets, and hoodie. This was recently featured on the latest Shooter Ready Challenge. Check it out at https://www.shooterreadychallenge.com and tune into today’s episode!

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Concerns With Concealed Carry And Winter Gloves

Sometimes, even worse than having inoperable gs, is having frozen fingers that can’t move because they are too cold. When I got to the office last Tuesday (Denver) the outside temperature was 3 degrees Fahrenheit. No amount of keeping your hands in your s is going to help you stay warm enough to be able to operate a firearm in that kind of cold.

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Cold Weather Carry Concerns

Winter Concealed Carry Concerns

I learned and reconfirmed several ideas about cold season carry. Enjoy the time of year. Do not let your awareness falter due to too much holiday celebration! Evil never takes holidays and may target you and yours. Stay prepared, as wolves don’t hibernate.

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