Dry Practice: Further Thoughts

A number of organizations issue this to students or employees for their use in clearing or loading handguns. One item called the Academy Pad, has three holes to fit inside a standard loose leaf binder.

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Dry Practice – Dry Fire: Working on Fundamentals

It was a pretty proud moment for that young shooter! Later during a course I was taking, I flubbed a simple action, when home and worked it “dry” then went back and smed through the exercise perfectly. Some one asked how I’d improved, and I said, “Dry practice!” Yes, it does work!

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Cold Weather Carry Concerns

Winter Concealed Carry Concerns

I learned and reconfirmed several ideas about cold season carry. Enjoy the time of year. Do not let your awareness falter due to too much holiday celebration! Evil never takes holidays and may target you and yours. Stay prepared, as wolves don’t hibernate.

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