Firearm in an Uber – Uncovering their Policy?

Uber Gun Policy

Many of you have likely read stories of drivers or passengers who were armed and forced to use their firearms to defend themselves against various threats over the years, but if Uber had its way these defensive gun uses would have never happened in the first place, because you wouldn’t be armed at all.

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Episode 213: The War Over Words – Assault Rifle Definition Changed

You know the fight for constitutional rights is getting real when the other side starts changing the dictionary–yes, literally–so that the definition of the words “assault rifle” means what THEY want it to mean! Join us today on the podcast as we cover the latest and greatest news stories in the industry. Plus several JUSTIFIED SAVE stories today that you’re going to want to hear!!

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Episode 111: Man Facing Murder Charges After Fatally Shooting Car Thief

In today’s news: Riley and Jacob talk about a news story that is the perfect example as to the problems with gun confiscation laws without due process, especially in the case of mental health. One man sought a little help, and ended up losing his guns for over 2 years even though it was proven he was not a mental health risk!! Plus 2 stories where CCWers are facing charges because they may not have made the right decisions. To find out why, tune in now…

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