This Is How You Can Stop The Bleed

stop the bleed

Anyone can suffer a traumatic injury at any given time. While there are many different types of injuries, addressing a massive hemorrhage or severe bleeding injury is the priority. First responders are doing their best to get to the injured person. But the actions you or I take before they get there may be critical…

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Episode 497 – Gunshot Wound Considerations

Today, Matthew Maruster and Brian McLaughlin the man behind Mountain Man Medical discuss gunshot wounds. We will talk about the difference between high velocity and low-velocity gunshot wounds. As well as treatment considerations and just some overall trauma considerations when it comes to gunshot wounds.

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Episode 441: How Can One Word Save Lives?

Riley Bowman has back on the program, Brian McLaughlin, Director of Training at Mountain Man Medical to discuss the M.A.R.C.H. algorithm and how it is used to stay focused when assessing and helping those with serious trauma and injuries.

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Introducing The All-New Wind River Comprehensive Trauma & First-Aid Kit

wind river trauma kit

In February, our sister company, Mountain Man Medical, launched The Yellowstone which is the most affordable, quality personal trauma kit on the market to date. However, they’ve seen your questions and they finally have a solution for you. Many people have asked, why doesn’t the Yellowstone come with any first-aid items? They even had one customer…

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