Will Donna’s Law Reduce Gun Related Suicides

An ABC News article from earlier this week covered a daughter’s tragic story of her mother’s 2018 suicide. That tragedy was the catalyst for legislation called Donna’s Law. Today, three states have adopted the legislation, and many believe all states should have similar laws. Is the law a tool that can help reduce the number…

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Hold My Guns, Offering Help to Gun Owners in Distress

Hold My Guns is a non-profit organization that provides a way for gun owners in crisis to find legal, temporary storage for their guns with no questions asked. The founders hope their unique method will reduce the number of lives lost to suicide. Hold My Guns, Mission to Save Lives— Recently, Riley spe to Hold…

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Study-Tougher Gun Laws, Fewer Gun Deaths!

gun control laws are bad

News outlets like Healthday and WebMD reported results of a blockbuster study that unequivocally prove restrictive gun laws directly reduce suicides and homicides involving guns. However, wait. What did the study show exactly? Is this the slam dunk piece of research for which legislators have been waiting? The big question is: Do gun laws reduce…

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