SHOP Talk: See What You Need To See

P365 XRAY3 Day/Night Sights

On this episode of SHOP Talk with Riley, he goes into depth on sight picture, eye dominance, and what you need to see in order to shoot your gun effectively. Personally speaking, one thing I’m working on is getting used to not completely lining up the sights at close distances. What I mean, and this…

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Episode 327: Finding Your Sights Quickly – Jerry Miculek

Today, Riley and Jacob interview Jerry Miculek, one of the most recognizable faces of competitive shooting and who is considered by many to be the greatest shooter of all time. Well recognized for his fast trigger finger, we will dive deep with Jerry into sight acquisition, sight picture, transitions, and ! Tune in and your thoughts and questions with us as well!

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Episode 250: The 80/20 Rule of Gunfighting Skills

Today Riley and Matthew discuss the 80/20 rule as it relates to developing and maintaining skills that may or may not make a difference in a gunfight. What things should we be focusing on of the time that makes the most difference? What sort of things do we commonly see people practice, but it will make little difference for them in reality while they have other things they still lack and need to work on first. Maximize your training and get 80% of the results from 20% of work!

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