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fenix flashlight

SHOP Talk: All About Flashlights

All about flashlights. In this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley goes into much depth on the different kinds of EDC flashlights, weapon mounted lights, the batteries they use, and other flashlight goodness. what? For one, Riley debunks the thought that the brighter the flashlight the better. While the ultra high lumen flashlights may take […]

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SHOP Talk: Stance

Is there such a thing as shooter’s stance? To some degree there may be, but in this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley shows you a better way of thinking about it than just having the proper shooter’s stance that we’ve all been taught to have. Weaver? Isosceles? Something you’ve seen on the big screen? The […]

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9mm Dummy Ammo Rounds

SHOP Talk: All About Dummy Rounds

In this latest episode of SHOP Talk, Riley goes into depth on the use of dummy rounds while going through your dry fire training, as well as a few different brands of these popular training tools. There are some essential skills when it comes to concealed carry, and one of the most important things you […]

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SHOP Talk: Vehicle Carry

In this week’s episode of SHOP Talk, our guys aren’t actually in the shop. Instead, they’re in Jacob’s pickup truck, showing you some “how to” strategies. How to do what, exactly? Well, defend your life with your gun in your vehicle. The number of truth bombs being dropped in this video is ridiculous. In fact, […]

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SHOP Talk: Target Mania

In this episode of SHOP Talk, Riley goes in depth on different kinds of targets. He covers ones that you can buy, as well as ones that you can off the internet for free. One thing that we all must understand is that proper targets lead to proper training. The good thing, is that […]

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