Determining What is a Reliable EDC Concealed Carry Handgun?

A self-defense, everyday carry (EDC) gun for concealed carry has to be reliable. But what does that actually mean? Is your EDC handgun reliable? Reliability is one of those terms that can mean different things to different people. Loing up the definition only confirms the word’s subjectivity. Reliability is defined as: the quality or state…

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Consider a Larger Gun for Concealed Carry

The size of a concealed carry gun should be as small as possible, right? Over the past several years, my opinion on this topic has changed quite a bit. My First Concealed Carry Gun: Around 14 years ago, the police department issued me a .40 Glock 22. At the time, there weren’t hundreds of holster…

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How To Rack Your Semi-Automatic Slide [Video]

how to rack slide

Think you can’t rack that slide? Try this. Lots of new shooters, especially women, limit their options for handguns because they think they can’t rack the slide. This essential pistol function is easy and safe with the technique shown here, which simply add the laws of physics to your natural core strength. Hand and strength…

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